Increase Your Homes Value

10 Ways to Increase Your Homes ValueIncrease Your Homes Value

Every sellers goal is to attract the greatest number of buyers and get the best price possible for their home. When you hire a real estate agent to list your property, that becomes their goal also. To carry out that goal you want your home to be move-in ready with none or very little updating or maintenance needed. You would also want that home to make a knock-out first impression for those viewing it. Here is a list of what I believe to be the most important things to accomplish. So grab your tool belt and work your way through the list. Oh, if you feel overwhelmed, DON’T. If this will break your budget just pick a few that you can handle. After having gone through the list you will know that you made every attempt to put your home in the best possible position to impress a buyer.

1.) Siding and Exterior Paint

The fastest way to make a good impression with buyers is to repair and paint the exterior of the home. Or maybe even side it with vinyl siding. A fresh exterior will look cleaner and more modern. Besides, anyone can paint right. Just be sure to use a color that will appeal to the majority of people. (ex. Red would not be a good color)

2.) Windows and Doors

If your home is a more mature than others now on the market you might consider replacing old doors and windows with energy-efficient styles. This will attract more buyers that might otherwise pass up your home without even looking. Many of the large home store chains have regular sales and even a discount area where these can be purchased at a reduced price, always ask.

3.) Landscaping and Lighting

Refreshing the landscaping doesn’t necessarily mean a major overhaul. Here are a few things you could do as a family over the weekend. Start by trimming your plants and trees, removing weeds and maybe some new mulch in those flower beds. Of course flowering plants or new trees in the right place will always look good. Hey, even a new flowering plant in a pot next to door will make the entry more inviting. Many buyers will cruise the streets after dark looking for a home. So be aware of your outside lighting. Are all the bulbs working, are they bright, would some new fixtures look better and enhance the homes ambiance?

4.) Flooring

Flooring is a very important part of your home. It should be clean modern and stylish. Your flooring contractor can help with that. They will have suggestions on how to clean carpets and remove ugly stains. If something needs to be replaced they will most likely have access to flooring remnants, at a reduced price, that may work for you. Be sure to keep clutter off your floors. You don’t want anyone tripping over something.

5.) The Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It may not be the first room buyers entry into but it usually is the first room they look for. You will want to keep with the Jones, so to speak. Your agent can help with updates here, they will know what other listings in the area are like and what improvements your kitchen may need to compare well to them. Clean and uncluttered is important. Your cabinets may need a little polishing with an oil and wax mixture called ‘Howard Feed and Wax’ available at your local hardware store.

6.) Bathrooms

Buyers always look over the bathrooms with a critical eye and considering how they would feel owning it. New paint on the walls, new chalking around tubs or countertops and repairs to dripping faucets or tubs are important. Keep your personal items put away out of sight. Would the shower look better with a new curtain or does the door need to be cleaned? Of course keep everything sparkling clean and fresh smelling.

7.) Lighting

People like to see what they are buying. If the inside of your home has inadequate lighting, making it difficult to view, then you need to make some changes. Open the curtains and clean the window glass to let in as much light as possible. Change those low voltage bulbs to brighter ones. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen will make it inviting. The bathroom lighting over the mirror is especially important, an update here may be needed. A well-lit home can accent its best features.

8.) Interior Painting

Colors seem to be in now. But, what you like may not be what the potential new owner likes. Their furniture may not match your wall color. I have heard many potential buyers complain about the colors used to decorate a room. You can’t please everyone, but neutral colors will make it easier for the buyer to picture their things in your home.

9.) Roof and Foundation

To make sure that you get top dollar for your home and avoid a deal-breaking inspection report, now may be the time to get these areas of your home in order. Lenders usually want to know that the roof system will last another 3-5 yrs. and that the foundation is not in need of repairs. Potential buyers usually want to know if moisture and water in the basement are being handled adequately.

10.) Deep Cleaning

This may be the least expensive and most overlooked part of preparing a home for sale. A few rags and a bucket of clean water can transform a home into a show-ready model home. Because we live there we get use to certain things, like finger prints on walls and refrigerator handles, dust balls in the corners, maybe a pop can left next a chair and even leaves left outside the front door that could end up inside. Don’t underestimate the value a clean home adds to the price, what it means to a potential buyer is you care and have probably taken care of the home.

As you go through this list you may come up with some other things that will help. Great, just don’t spend a lot of money without consulting your Realtor first. Let me know what you think or if you have other ideas that you would like to share. I hope you have success in selling your home. Put us on your team and we will do our best to make it happen.