Don’t Overlook Cosmetic Issues, It May Be An Easy Fix

Unrealized Potential

Look for the Unrealized Potential

Don’t overlook the potential of the homes you are looking at. As a home buyer looking for a new home it can be exciting, fun and nerve-racking all at the same time. You may have in mind exactly what you want in a new home, but don’t fall into the trap of overlooking a homes potential.

It’s a trap that many have trouble with. The paint is old and dirty and a color you would never use. Those light fixtures and that avocado carpet really date the house. You need to look over such things and picture the home as you would have it decorated, otherwise you may miss out on a home that has great potential.

The very first thing you want to do before house hunting is to get pre-approved for a loan. Now you know how much home you can afford. That will help you focus your attention and energies toward the right home at the right price. That way you won’t be setting yourself up for disappointment because you found the perfect house but then find out you can’t afford it.

Look at the Potential

The floor plan is extremely important when considering a home to purchase. Do you need a ranch home, 3 or more bedrooms, no basement or maybe you need a large fenced in yard. Remember to be flexible and think creatively. Maybe you can expand or remodel to meet your needs.

Think about some of the features that can be easily changed.

Walls:  If you find the color distasteful or hate the wallpaper, picture them in a color you do like. Replacing a walls color with a fresh coat of paint will brighten up any room and is easy to do.
Floors:  Flooring surfaces can easily be changed just as wall colors can, you can even ask for a flooring allowance in your offer.
Windows:  They be dirty, have a broken pane or the window treatments may not be something you like but once again think about the improvements you could do yourself to make them shine again.
Landscaping:  Often this is not up to snuff. The home owner is anxious to move and has neglected the landscaping. However after you own the home you can enjoy designing the landscaping to your tastes.
Kitchen:  This is usually the most popular room in the house and most often the most disappointing room to home buyers. Don’t let a dingy kitchen stop you from buying a home that meets all your other needs.   New counter tops, sink and appliances along with fresh paint can rejuvenate a kitchen.
Exterior: The exterior of the home may not have the curb appeal you were looking for. Once again think creatively about what things could be easily done after you own the home to make the curb appeal pop.

That’s just a few suggestions. When making your offer, consider what you can not live without and refer to your budget to address the needed changes. If the home is in good working order and is only missing a few things you want, make an offer accordingly.

Look For the Full Potential in a Home

Most importantly, keep in mind that unless you are building a home of your dreams, you’ll probably never find the perfect home with everything just the way you wanted. Look past the previous owners decorating choices and look at the real potential the home may have. It may take some work, but when its all done, it’s yours.